Full Form Of RIP

What is the full form of RIP

Full Form Of RIP

RIP: Rest In Peace

Hello, guys, do you know what RIP means? If you do not know, then in this post we will tell you what Rip means. It is a word usually written above the grave of any person. When a person dies, after burying it, people write 1 word above his grave, which is said or Rip is written on top of that grave.

Why is rip used?

This word means a person who wishes to give them ( Rest in Peace) when they die. This word is called rest in peace. Because we all know when a person dies, it is like resting it. After death, this word is used as a prayer to find peace for his soul.

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Friends, let us tell you where the word rip originated. In fact, when any person dies in Christianity, people bury that person and write rest in peace on his grave. This word originated from there, in today's time people have started using Rip in its short form by not saying rest in peace.

But this word is associated with Christianity itself, and in today's time people are beginning to pronounce this word with the word called RIP.

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